For the a hundredth time on that day she looked at the mirror and wondered what exactly made her different from the rest. Why was she finding it so hard to fit in? why did she have to struggle to get along with ‘creatures’ who were naturally supposed to connect with her. She especially stared at those little bumps on her forehead and she heard those familiar screams from within. Yeah, her demons laughed and made the laughs sound so much like screams of someone in agony. She sighed and put her palm on her forehead while spitting positive affirmations which were now becoming something so old like a dead song that’s no longer appreciated by anyone.

She moved close to the mirror and stared deep into her sad and tired eyes.” When will I be happy with myself? ” she whispered only loud enough for her ever attentive demons to hear and just to have them laughing cum screaming out loud.

She knew she was imperfect in so many ways but what about the next life? was she going to be better than she is in the present? Her weakness, she wore different masks daily and hoped to get someone who’d see past them and for the millionth time in that simple day , she wondered,who would attend her funeral.Who would cry for her return?who would want to go see her real face?what exactly did she have and what didn’t she have?










That girl.

See.. I’m that girl

I’m that girl in braces, two faces, slow paces

Small eyes, white lies, no ties with guys coz i hate goodbyes,I swear i love smiles… Hate walking for miles.. Hate insects including flies

Goal setter.. Oh wait, goal getter till later…. Do better,a slogan i say to my haters

I write better at night,I fight better in the light and i think I’m a preety sight with my future looking all bright

I love black coz I’m dark and to me that’s is good luck

I wear spects.. I have pets…and i don’t do bets

I’m a Believer.. In my faith i find my reliever..can’t change my mind even with coins made of silver just because i look like a diva

I read with lowkey greed,to feed and heed

And see I’m just that girl with a little bit of extra intro